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System.out.println(“ Hello World! ”);

This was the first line of code I ever wrote, marking the beginning of my journey in the IT industry, which I happily continue to this day with my exceptional team.

My name is Dmytro Dubynskyi, and I am the CEO and co-founder of ID AL. Solutions. While studying economics, I developed an intense interest in programming. Subsequently, I gained experience working as a Java developer and later as a Full-stack engineer in various IT companies.

This invaluable experience taught me the significance of human qualities in the field—openness, honesty, mutual understanding, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. I witnessed companies and developers who viewed clients solely as “cash cows”, failing to grasp the intertwined nature of customer and developer success. Many of these companies were out of sync with their clients, failing to understand their unique business needs. Numerous developers approached their work without the willingness to expand their knowledge and expertise, neglecting to provide increasingly better product quality to their clients.

To address these issues on a larger scale, my friend and colleague, Ivan Pavliuchenko, and I decided to establish a software development company. Driven by the desire to create exceptional software products, as well as our commitment to go above and beyond for the success of our clients. Thus, ID AL. Solutions, which stands for ‘Ivan & Dmytro Algorithmic Solutions” and is pronounced as “ideal solutions”, was born.

Despite the various challenges we have faced, including the IT market crisis and the war in our home country of Ukraine, which coincided with the early stages of our operations, we have never compromised our core principles. This unwavering dedication has allowed us to continue evolving and expanding while taking on new and exciting projects.

I would like to thank you for choosing us as your software development partner. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Rest assured that we will persistently work towards your success, driving your business forward.

Dmytro Dubynskyi
CEO & Co-founder of ID AL. Solutions

Why choose us?

Ideal software solutions Only

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    Vast Experience

    Over 5 years of experience in software development, covering a variety of business domains

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    сustomer focus

    We strive to bring the greatest value for our client through the best-quality and on-time work

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    Full Agility

    Adjusting to your preferences and requirements in order to maximize the efficiency of cooperation

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    Imperceptible scalability

    We are prepared to meet any project requirements by swiftly and seamlessly expanding our team for the client

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    Competitive pricing

    Absence of unnecessary expenses means that you only pay for the high-quality output, staying within your budget

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    End-to-end transparency

    Complete visibility at every stage of the project through direct communication with our team

Our Mission

Project implementation is not solely about writing code but is a deep understanding of the fundamental idea and all the complementary processes behind it

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Therefore, our mission is to create top-tier software products that have business value and are as useful as possible for our partners

Our Values

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  • Outperform Expectations

    We strive to produce and deliver only top-notch solutions, exceeding your expectations
  • Fairness & Transparency

    Openness, transparency and trust are the foundation of business relations with our partners
  • Mutually Deep Respect

    Our team deeply respect everyone we work with. After all, each of us is a source of genius
  • Continuous Improvement

    We never rest on our laurels. Every day brings us new knowledge and experience, which we then putto work

ID AL. Solutions Team

Who are We?

ID AL. Solutions is a friendly, open and well-coordinated team. We are focused on delivering the best quality and fostering positive, long-term relationship, which is why we do not cultivate bureaucracy, unnecessary corporate regulations and restrictions, while staying committed to our core principles in order to deliver ideal software solutions

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    Dmytro Dubynskyi

    CEO & Co-founder

    Economist (international relations) Full-stack developer with 5+ years of experience

  • avatar-IP

    Ivan Pavliuchenko

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Full-stack developer with 6+ years of experience Certified Artificial Intelligence engineer

  • avatar-YK

    Yuliia Kozishkurt

    HR Director

    Human Resources generalist with 3 years of experience Psychologist and skilled communication manager


Despite the terrible war of our country with the aggressor, the ID AL. Solutions team continues to work and provide services to our clients and partners without any compromise, since our team is located in a safe part of Ukraine.

We are grateful for the support from around the world, but the war is not over yet. Part of the income of ID AL. Solutions is donated to the army and humanitarian needs of Ukrainians. We ask you to join in helping to bring our common victory closer

Слава Україні!


Our Clients

These are our valued partners and key individuals for ID AL. Solutions. That is why we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with the results!

Darina Záhradná

Darina Záhradná

Founder of IT Dakon

Great job done by ID AL. Solutions! Their expertise, collaboration, and commitment to quality continues to be outstanding throughout several projects and assignments of different scale. Their proactive approach to problem-solving and responsiveness continues to impress me. Recently, they have managed to analyze, design, and deliver a complicated AI product in just a few months! I highly recommend the services of the ID AL. Solutions team, and look forward to future collaborations

Olexandr Khlan

Olexandr Khlan

Managing Director at Business & Modernity

I would like to commend ID AL. Solutions for their exceptional work in researching and building multiple iterations of our complex and demanding trading platform. We knew that only those who truly love their work would be able to complete our project with high quality and within the specified timeline – and we were not mistaken in choosing ID AL. Solutions. We greatly appreciated their professionalism, effective communication, timely delivery, and definitely look forward to continuing our collaboration with this team

Serg Novak

Serg Novak

Private Entrepreneur

I was introduced to ID AL. Solutions through Upwork when Dmytro D. completed my order with a 5-star rating. Since then, I have repeatedly reached out to them for assistance in software development, testing, and IT consulting. I can confidently say that they possess extensive knowledge in their field, exhibit technical expertise, and excel in establishing efficient workflows. Additionally, their services are reasonably priced, considering the exceptional quality. ID AL. Solutions is a remarkable IT company, truly one in many thousands!

Sergii Stirenko

Sergii Stirenko

Head of Computer Engineering Department at I.S. KPI

It’s nice to work with developers that have a strong scientific background and a deep understanding of various technologies at all levels. Thanks to the help of Ivan Pavliuchenko as a part of ID AL. Solutions team, we were able to quickly test the performance of several startups. One of the projects – a medical application Dr. Gynecom, was developed on a grand basis with an accompanying contribution to the scientific environment. I recommend Ivan Pavliuchenko (ID AL. Solutions) as a responsible and highly qualified IT developer.


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