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A lightweight and scalable platform for universal usage and management of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models

About the project


Working on numerous projects involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, our longstanding partner, IT Dakon, encountered the need for a universal solution that would enable clients to receive the output of an AI model, train and fine-tune each model, regardless of its complexity and purpose, since each project has a different specificity of using AI models.

Collaborating closely with IT Dakon, our team developed and implemented a comprehensive tool that efficiently addresses these challenges

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Business Problem

During the initial stage, our team was tasked with designing an application capable of unifying the utilization of various AI models, such as Natural Language Processing and Time Series Prediction. The solution needed to be scalable, allowing for the seamless addition of new models. Furthermore, it was essential to incorporate an external API to integrate with our partner’s existing application ecosystem.

Additionally, as part of the project’s first phase, our client required the implementation of the initial AI model: an English-Slovak translator equipped with intelligent selection of a numerical code for the output


Solution by ID AL. Solutions

In close collaboration with the client, the ID AL. Solutions team successfully created, tested, and delivered the agreed-upon solution within a remarkable timeframe of just 2 months, setting the foundation for future development and expansion. The Machine Learning Management (MLM) tool was developed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, offering the following capabilities:

  • Receipt of AI processing results
  • Validation and supervised learning of training data
  • Fine-tuning of the training process
  • Collection of statistics on AI model usage

The initial version of MLM included a Natural Language Processing model for an English-Slovak translator, featuring smart numeric code selection with an average accuracy of 86%. The potential for further accuracy improvement was also present through supervised user learning



ID AL. Solutions takes a different approach to IT-service delivery, primarily focusing on maximum value for a reasonable price. Our developers have more than 5 years of commercial experience with dozens of successfully delivered projects

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Key Features

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The unified front-end and back-end interfaces enable seamless integration of new AI models, significantly reducing development time and costs

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Low system requirements due to thorough optimization, elimination of unnecessary functionality and adoption of a modern technology stack. The light and intuitive UI facilitates quick familiarization with MLM

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The microservice architecture ensures problem-free scalability of the project in the future. Moreover, microservice-based MLM can effortlessly handle high loads and support a large number of AI models

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Seamless integration

The solution effortlessly integrates with an entire ecosystem of third-party projects, including custom authentication, through a simple and comprehensible REST API


Tech Stack Used

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  • Angular (TypeScript)
  • PrimeNG
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  • Java 11
  • Spring Framework (Boot, Cloud, Gateway, Security)
  • Python 3+
  • FastAPI
  • Netflix Eureka
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Machine Learning

  • Keras
  • TensorFlow
  • Jupyter Notebook
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  • Docker Compose
  • GitLab pipelines
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  • Oracle

Business Value


Cooperation with IT Dakon on this project is ongoing and involves the gradual expansion of core functionalities, along with the development and integration of new AI models.

The client fully affirms that MLM has successfully achieved the key project characteristics of scalability, flexibility, and accurate AI processing


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